"No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best" -something I saw on my mom's kitchen wall as a kid, author unknown

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Wednesday Bliss

I’m enjoying my coffee this morning as I think it’s Friday… (what? it’s not?!) Yeah, what a let down, right? At least I get two days of my life back, so that’s a relief. What I really wanted to talk about is last night.

A few things first:

1.) Apple, I totally thought of you last night – and said as much to Michael as the … people (I don’t know what their formal title is) … came around to serve us various meats throughout the night. I had to think twice before I could actually enjoy eating it. ❤

2.)People, in general, are better tolerated when wine is involved. (on my part)

3.)I DO love the city, though I sometimes forget.

Now to make sense of that list!

So, last night we went into the city for dinner. Originally it was a family get together but it morphed into this rather large event with a total of 13 people. (Is that large? It seems large to me). Michael’s family had planned this, as his sister Karah is visiting this week. Most of the others were friends and such from where Michael works. Incidentally, all of his siblings work at the same location – save for Karah, who lives out-of-town.

We went to this Brazilian Steak House where the food was served like I’ve never had food served before. Perhaps to some this is nothing new or something well-known, but to me, it was neat! It was an all you can eat buffet, BUT… the buffet was MOBILE! Yes, mobile. What I mean, exactly, is that there are servers who walk around with the various meats and if your ‘yes, please’ token is showing, they stop to ask you if you are interested in what they are serving! (Note: if you turn the token to ‘no, thank you’ they will stop.) The meats are even offered cooked to your taste – i.e. well, medium, rare etc. Meanwhile, there is a salad bar and side dishes are set on the table ‘family’ style. It was one big yum!

Now, at first, I was reluctant to go… scratch that. When it began to morph from a family outing, to an omgeveryoneiscoming event, I was hesitant. Mostly because I have a problem with one of the other ladies that was planning to attend. Also, because I sometimes get very panicky when there are a lot of people.

I don’t get on well with other women in general. I’m not certain why, but I think I’ll leave that question for my therapist. Anyway, Jules works for Michael and is also friends with his sisters – well with two of the three. Michael and I went through a ‘rough patch’ a earlier this year and Jules had no problem stepping in to “listen,” as it were. Okay, I get that, but ladies – you KNOW what that is all about. Right? So, now that things between Michael and I are well-patched and lovely, she should not continue to try to get his attention. This is my opinion, of course. I am, admittedly, very jealous by nature. (Perhaps this is why I don’t get on well with other women.)

Michael asked me to meet him at work since I generally leave work earlier than he does. So, I did. I found out when I got there that we were car-pooling. I glanced immediately over at Jules and back to Michael with this look, I’m sure, that said, “OMG PLEASE NO” because he immediately assured me that we would be riding with his sisters and not the other folks. Then we arrived at the restaurant and were seated. Out of 13 people, she ended up sitting directly across from Michael. I found that I didn’t mind so much. (I’m thinking that the glass of Merlot on an empty stomach may have had something to do with that.) I was just happy to be between Michael and Karah.

A funny twist on things is that I not only conversed with Jules, but I was making jokes with her and excluding both Michael and his best friend, Brice, who happened to be seated just opposite of me. That, my friends, is what happens when you’ve had a few glasses of wine! The phrase, “I love you, man” comes to mind.

When we were walking back to the parking garage to get the car, I was reminded of all the fun I used to have with Michael. We would escape into the city on just about any given day, and at the drop of a hat – dancing, shopping, or just… looking. We chose to trade-in that lifestyle for one with a house and children, which has it challenges, but we love it nonetheless. Most assuredly, we would not give up our small ones for anything the worlds have to offer.

With that, thank you for sharing coffee and more with me this morning ❤