"No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best" -something I saw on my mom's kitchen wall as a kid, author unknown

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Is It Monday Again?

I could have used a glass  bottle glass of wine yesterday, I think…

Michael’s car is crashed. It’s in the body shop as we speak – so far we are aware that the hood looks like the nose of a bull dog, and are assuming that there is something wrong with the cooling system – considering the awful syrupy sweet smell and constant overheating. This, my friends, is not so good. I had to run the little one to school yesterday so that he could attempt to help his poor Crunchy limp to the shop. School is close to where Michael works, which incidentally is about an hour in the opposite direction of where I work. So, I was late. Fortunately, I have understanding bosses.

The fun part in all of this was finding out the hard way that our car insurance coverage wasn’t quite what we thought it was. No towing, and no rental car… what?! The policy I had with my previous company covered all of that – and before we switched, I told the new agent that I wanted identical coverage and if he could offer me a better price, then and ONLY then would I switch. Apparently to the new agent that meant he could shave off things like towing and rental coverage…  It kind of makes me want to call the company and give them a piece of my mind however, now I just feel like a dopey consumer. MY BAD for not reading the policy very thoroughly, MY BAD for trusting someone who could understand the insurance jargon so that I didn’t have to. All I can say is that this will be an expensive lesson, but one that I won’t make in the future.

Michael says we can still call the company and explain our position – not as enraged, victimized customers, but as rational customers who thought they had one product, but were really assigned to another. He would like to see them add these features to our existing plan without an additional cost – I don’t hold much hope of that happening. If it doesn’t, he is prepared to tromp back to our previous agent with heart-shaped chocolates and a bouquet of flowers, and ask them to take us back. I suspect that they will – I just hope that they can offer us the amazing coverage at the amazing price we used to pay. We shall see.

On happy notes! Tomorrow Phoebs and I head out for the last day of the faire. Just her and me – I’m excited. It will be a really fun mommy-daughter day of playing, and shopping, and show seeing. (Oh, and funnel cake eating! – there WILL be funnel cake, make no mistake.) I’m considering taking my camera… we shall see. (I consider it every time and end up leaving it in the trunk of my car)

Here’s to looking forward to a great weekend and a better week next week. Thanks for coming out  today – and hopefully I’ll have some fun pics to share from the faire in the next scrap-book!

A Moment of Clarity

Happy Monday! Oh, don’t grumble. Monday is a day like any other – we choose to make it what it is. Today, I choose to make it happy… no matter that I got stuck behind a garbage truck and then when I was free from that mess, the school bus in front of me stoped every 4.687 seconds to pick up more children and, consequently, I was late to work. I view it as: “Hey, I got to listen to Pandora THAT much longer!” Yes, I am – THAT girl – who sings at the top of her lungs in the car as if she were <insert your favorite singer here> and on stage.

So, back to the kitchen… no baked goods from this weekend. There was a crazy hot day on Saturday and we even put the air conditioners on for a few hours just to cool down and take the terrible humidity out of the air. But, I think I’ll make bread tonight – we’ll see. The events of the weekend had me thinking though, and my word of the day today is ‘clarity’.

Why clarity? Clarity is like… well, it makes everything make sense. Without clarity what do we have? Assumptions – which may or may not be right. Sometimes one may have ASSUMED clarity… which, is really just an assumption all dolled up in the pretty dress of clarity. You know, that time when you really believe that you understand and know how someone feels about an issue or subject, only to find out later that you, in fact, couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Sometimes getting to true clarity is frustrating and painful. I’m telling you, though, it’s WORTH it. I encourage everyone that if you THINK you know what someone’s elses point of view is, ask that question that may spur on a deeper conversation – which, in turn could lead to a deeper understanding. Try to understand not only what the person is saying to you, but WHY they are saying it. And, keep an open mind when they are telling you. It takes more than just hearing what they have to say… it takes accepting what they are saying, and if necessary, explaining your own point of view on the given topic. It can be a painful back and forth until you meet an even ground, or a compromise. However, when we understand the motivation behind someone’s intent or feelings, not only do we understand the situation better, but we learn more about the person. Isn’t learning more about the people we care about almost the point of relationships?



clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity.
the state or quality of being clear or transparent to the eye; pellucidity: the clarity of pure water.

What’s your word today?

Thanks for the coffee this morning… and here’s to fresh bread tomorrow! *cheers*