"No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best" -something I saw on my mom's kitchen wall as a kid, author unknown

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Thought Hodgepodge and MOAR Apples!

Well, sadly, I will not have my Phoeb’s outfit ready for the faire tomorrow. I wish I had mice… you know, like the ones in Cinderella. Or perhaps a resident Apple… she’s good at that sewing thing. I have two more weeks to get it done so that she can wear it this season. Also, she said she would like to take it to her dad’s for halloween. (“no pressure, mom”)

Do you like the music? That’s my Fiona Apple station playing – I really enjoy her sound as well as the other musicians that pop up on her channel especially Regina Spektor. Also, I can sing along with most of them and not break my windows… (this is not to say that the singing is GOOD, just… not window shattering)

Also, Apple’s family has apparently loved the bread recipe so much that she’s baking loaves TWO times each week! (Fortunately she’s not baking for the whole place yet… though I suspect that perhaps there would be fewer loaves of bread in the freezer than there are cupcakes – I wonder if she could make the bread pink…)

I’m a little nervous for the Ren Faire tomorrow, guys… We’re having a group going and I’m going to be the only one in period garb. I wonder if they will think it’s weird… or awesome. Either way I’m doing it. The Ren Faire is ‘my’ thing, and they are coming with me – so I’m not going to do anything differently. Although, my sister in law DID say she’d go in dress also – IF she had something. Maybe next year. (Which, I plan to get to the faire at least once before moving to CO next year… and maybe even planning my vacation visits home around attending the faire… maybe I can drag Teres with me…)

Speaking of Colorado… let’s bring it back to coffee. I have Wawa and Dunkin here in PA… and where will I go in Colorado? I *can* make coffee, but it tends to not be quite as good as the Wawa or Dunkin coffees. I’m not certain if that is because *I* am not making it, or if it’s just because I make it poorly when I do. I wonder if I will be able to buy Wawa coffee from online and have it shipped… No no no, not the steaming hot cup of coffee, silly! The ground coffee – so that I can put it into my coffee maker and pretend I still have a local Wawa. (despite the fact that the quality will not be as good.) Maybe I’ll petition the Wawa corporate office to plop a wawa on a corner near my new residence in Colorado – think they’ll go for it? I think it would go over well. Really!

Giver of Life

Soggy Thursday is Soggy

Hi there! I’m so sorry I was out yesterday. Things at work got quite busy and I found myself scrambling around – sadly that meant no time for coffee! Sometimes that happens, I guess. Today is a busy day as well, but I definitely couldn’t go without coffee today.

So today is a MONSOON I tell you! I am horrible at watching the news – as a matter of fact, we don’t even have a TV service. Well, I suppose Netflix counts as a TV service of sorts, but pretty much we have a computer hooked up to a big TV and if we can’t get it on the computer, we don’t get it at all. I suppose you could argue that the news DOES come through the computer; I however, choose not to fetch it every day. Wow, what a rambling tangent! That was just to say I was surprised at all of the rain this past week.

I do have some news to catch you up on… it’s not news of the ‘irl’ kind, but of the virtual sort. It is regarding my game playing habits and the friends who frolic there with me. That’s a whole `nother post though. If I have a chance today, I’ll post it – but I’m swamped here at work and may not be able to. (To clarify, it is not swampy due to the monsoon, rather it is due to the volume of work I need to have complete in a short time frame).

Stay dry my friends! and thanks for stopping in for coffee ❤

Friday Enlightenment

Reconnecting with people is a good thing. For example, I’ve recently reconnected with a good friend – sure, we’ve had lots of rough spots during our friendship, and there are things that we may wish had gone differently, but in the end we always seem to come back around to being friends again. There was a great post about this friend on altaholics-anonymous awhile back – (see #4). I asked him yesterday, during my time of reflection, how it was he could continue to be friends with me when I was so horridly mean to him on so many occasions. His reply was something to the affect of, ‘bffs, dude’ (don’t ask what the ‘s’ stands for because neither of us have ever decided). (Also, for clarity sake, this friend is not Teres – since the term bff was used; not to mention, I did refer to him as a guy).

This got me thinking on forgivness. When is enough enough – and, can one ever forgive TOO much? I’m sure everyone has their own point of view on the subject, but for me personally, I decided that I should probably forgive freely. The funny thing is, that once I came to that conclusion in my head, it was like this ominous weight lifted from my chest. I know, weird, right? I no longer hold any negative feelings for … anyone that I previously put on my ‘people I don’t like’ list. I think I could even hang out with Jules freely at this point.

I’m not “religious” really, but I do believe in God and miracles and things of the like. I also believe in faeries and other ‘so called’ mythical creatures. I say this because this epiphony, or enlightenment, as it were, has to have been something not of this world. How else could one explain the freedom of forgivness?

*SHINEY* There is a ginormous cricket on the floor near my feet. I’ve never seen one quite so large. It’s seranading me even!

What a fantastic way to start the weekend. Michael and I are off to see my brother and his family for dinner this evening. I’m looking forward to good food and a lot of laughs – also, to the children tearing around like crazy people and subsequently sleeping very well.

My word of the day today?



the act of enlightening.
the state of being enlightened: to live in spiritual enlightenment.
( usually initial capital letter ) Buddhism, Hinduism . prajna.
the Enlightenment, a philosophical movement of the 18th century, characterized by belief in the power of human reason and by innovations in political, religious, and educational doctrine.

What’s your word?

I hope you enjoyed coffee this morning! My kitchen will open again on Monday with a fresh brewed pot, and we’ll see what baked goods I bring from the weekend.