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Scrap Book Day – Episode Two

In the spirit of consistency, I think I’ll share my scrap book¬†with everyone on Wednesdays. I found some pictures this past week that I shot in Illinois. (Have I mentioned how beautiful it is in Illinois?) I was going to share them out today, but I think I will wait until next week. What I’d like to share this week is the Ren Faire you’ve been hearing me go on SO much about. Unfortunately there are limited photos as I did not take my lovely ‘real’ camera into the faire. For two reasons really – one, I didn’t want to lug the thing around all day and two, who had lovely Nikons¬†in the 17th century?! amirite? Anyway, I felt less bad pulling out my phone and snapping a few shots of the joust. Which, by the way, I think my phone does a terrific job for being a phone!

So, here is where we started – at home in front of the rose bush… and apparently the neighbors garbage can.

Getting Started

The small one didn’t go along with us this time, though she is well aware of where we were going. As soon as I donned my red skirt she asked, “Mommy, are we going to the faire?”

Here is us being super silly ūüôā


After arriving to the faire, we purchased a lovely bodice for Phoebs. It’s green and reversible to black if she decides to change the rest of her gear ever. Unfortunately I don’t yet have a photo of her wearing it. I’m not sure why I didn’t just shoot one of her with my phone. Hindsight? We decided that if we did nothing else that day that we would not only see the joust, but have amazing seats as well. We went to the field 30 mins early and watched the second half of the archery demonstration that was on just before the joust. Can I say – that guy was AMAZING.

I always love the joust. I think much of that love stems from my very first trip to the faire with my 7th grade history class. That day I shared my ice cream with¬†a horse and bestowed a favor upon one of the rider’s lances before the fight. I felt¬†immersed¬†in the entire event as if I were really in the 17th century… only sporting the tall hair of the 80’s (yikes!) This day we were cheering for Sir William riding¬†for the white and red and Sir Roderick riding for the black and gold. (They were the chivalrous knights vs. the other two who were out for bloodshed and death – exciting no?)

Sir Roderick


Sir William Dismounts the rider in Blue and Silver

The Knights We Cheered For

… and she had a great time (you can kind of see the bodice here – though obviously not to the full potential) The bright blue/purple (however your eyes see it) is the inside of her cloak. She was cold and using it as a blanket.

The Ride Home


It was a good day… full of quality time spent in 17th Century England.

Thanks for sharing my scrap book today.

Is It Monday Again?

I could have¬†used a glass¬†¬†bottle glass of wine yesterday, I think…

Michael’s car is crashed. It’s in the body shop as we speak – so far we are aware that the hood looks like the nose of a bull dog, and are assuming that there is something wrong with the cooling system –¬†considering the awful¬†syrupy sweet smell and constant overheating. This, my friends, is not so good. I had to run the little one to school¬†yesterday so that he could attempt to help his poor Crunchy limp to the shop. School is close to where Michael works, which incidentally is¬†about an hour in the opposite direction of where I work. So, I was late. Fortunately, I have understanding bosses.

The fun part in all of this was finding out the hard way that our car insurance coverage wasn’t quite what we thought it was. No towing, and no rental car… what?! The policy I had with my previous company covered all of that – and¬†before we switched, I told the new¬†agent that I wanted identical coverage and if he could offer me a better price, then and¬†ONLY then would I switch. Apparently to¬†the new¬†agent¬†that meant he could shave off things like towing and rental coverage…¬†¬†It kind of makes me want to call the company and give them a piece of my mind however, now I just feel like a dopey consumer. MY BAD for not reading the policy very thoroughly, MY BAD for trusting someone who could understand the insurance jargon so that I didn’t have to. All I can say is that this will be an expensive lesson, but one that I won’t make in the future.

Michael says we can still call the company and explain our position – not as enraged, victimized customers, but as rational customers who thought they had one product, but were really assigned to another. He would like to see them add these features to our existing plan without an additional cost – I don’t hold much hope of that happening. If it doesn’t, he is prepared to tromp¬†back to our previous agent with¬†heart-shaped chocolates and¬†a bouquet of flowers, and ask them to take us back. I suspect that they will – I just hope that they can offer us the amazing coverage at the amazing price we used to pay. We shall see.

On happy notes! Tomorrow Phoebs and I head out for the last day of the faire. Just her and me – I’m excited. It will be a really fun mommy-daughter day of playing, and shopping, and show seeing. (Oh, and funnel cake eating! – there WILL be funnel cake, make no mistake.) I’m considering taking my camera… we shall see. (I consider it every time and end up leaving it in the trunk of my car)

Here’s to looking forward to a great weekend and a better week¬†next week. Thanks for coming out¬† today – and hopefully I’ll have some fun pics to share from the¬†faire in the next scrap-book!

Under Construction

Hey everyone! Watch your step as the kitchen is undergoing some maintainence this weekend…

Pardon the dust


There is a new, customizable theme called Spectrum¬†available – I’m excited! I’m out much of the weekend, kicking it off with Happy Hour this evening with a group of friends. (Yes, the evening of grape bombs is upon me.) Tomorrow Michael and I are returning to the faire – have I mentioned that I love the faire? (heehe)

Hopefully by Monday, you will see a new, plesant look to the Kitchen – and with being able to add custom backgrounds and headers, it may change often! (Like changing the curtains – I’m so excited!)

Have a great weekend, and if I can manage to remember (sorry!) I WILL provide the recipe for Snickerdoodles on Monday.

Failing at posting!

Hi everyone! I’m so sorry that I have been failing at posting! Things at work and AIM have distracted me… Also, I have been holding out on posting this week because I was hoping to share some photos from the Ren Faire. However, I haven’t received them yet. Since it is the Ren Faire, I prefer to NOT carry a camera, but¬†Michael’s sister brought one along and took many adorable pictures of the children and some of the events.

Speaking of the Ren Faire… there are only two weekends left in the season for the PA Ren Faire, and Michael and I plan to attend both Saturdays. This Saturday we are going SANS CHILDREN and I’m hoping to visit several of the shows we passed on when the children were with us (due to content). I love the faire… have I mentioned that?

It’s always so much fun to dress up and immerse¬†yourself in a role, forgetting about all that is ‘real life’ even if just for a day. For that day, it is normal to carry a sword on your belt, wear noise-making coin scarves on your hip, eat giant turkey legs without silverware, you are ‘m’lady’ to nearly everyone who addresses you and ‘good day’ is the typical greeting. For that day, chivalry¬†is not dead, seeing armored knights is normal and clearing the street to make way for the queen’s court and¬†hollering out¬†‘long live the queen’ is expected as she passes. For that day, speaking to strangers is possible as you can remain anonymous despite being ‘in person’, and improvisation¬†is possible and expected. For that day, we get to be like children again –¬†pretending so¬†completely, that we see the world around us in a different view and just for that day we have truly traveled through time.

More to come! Thanks for bearing with my lack of messages, and for coming back to visit my kitchen.

Coming Soon: SNICKERDOODLE Recipe!