"No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best" -something I saw on my mom's kitchen wall as a kid, author unknown

…but only because I flew back to Colorado Springs for the weekend. Let me share with you what I see when I go to the grocery store (or Office Depot). For some, it’s no big deal – for me? It’s majestic. No, not the stores, the amazing, snow-capped Rocky Mountains that sit as the back drop for everything I see when looking to the West. I don’t think I will ever get used to the view.

Coffee was lovely this morning. I’m not sure if it was more because I didn’t have to make it, or that I was able to use my pirate mug… ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Working Diligently... maybe

So, here I am. It’s cold here people… very cold compared to Phoenix. So when I go back, I’m going to be thrilled to be wearing tank tops again. Anyway, Bff and I were conspiring today. Another friend of ours is having a birthday at the end of January but sadly, I will not be home to help celebrate. In order to remedy this, we decided to throw a party together for tonight. The theme? Socks.

Those of you who know Birthday Friend will totally understand the theme. We plan on making a center piece from socks and maybe decorating some socks with faces and hair to give them… personality. He may be interested in socks with a mouth… who knows?

Are the teeth too much, maybe? >.>

I’ll be sure to take pictures of our creations and post them in a future post so you can see the silliness.

For the event, Birthday Friend decided upon lasagna for dinner. Normally I would endeavor to make an amazing, home made lasagna – however, my time is limited and Bff suggested that we use the frozen stuff to save time. So up on the menu for tonight is ‘ok’ food, and LOTS of fun – with socks. Birthday Friend will be thrilled.

Speaking of such festivities reminds me that it’s time to finish school work and prepare for the evening’s adventures. Thanks for stopping by!



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