"No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best" -something I saw on my mom's kitchen wall as a kid, author unknown

Recently I’ve been inspired.

It’s a funny thing – inspiration – it comes about at the strangest of times and sometimes by the oddest of things. Some people think of this as a muse even. Sandy Ackers has a great blog and brings her muse into a lot of the posts I’ve read recently. MY muse has come to me in the form of fellow bloggers (Sandy being one), or perhaps more appropriately, their blogs.

My bff, Teresa was my first inspiration – back before she was my bff and before we were Altaholics-Anonymous even. Her writing NEVER fails to bring a smile to my face, or even a ‘LoL IRL’. Also, Apple – ever the word of encouragement, she’s always happy to offer up feedback or even play along when I’m writing improv. So a GREAT.BIG.THANKYOU and many more hugs to these two lovely ladies for their inspiration, great reads and continued support in my endeavor to become a better writer.

I love you guys!

 (Note: I do NOT think of you guys as elephants, or heffalumps even… I just could NOT resist the cuteness that IS this picture)

Debra is the better half of my friend Jim and I love her blog. One of her more recent posts has inspired me to be a more social blogger. Reading that post made me realize that other bloggers like to know that they are being read too. Also, who DOESN’T love some comments?! What a great, innovative way to meet new ‘pen pals’ of sorts. Thank you, Debra. (Also, I’m seriously delinquent on making some layouts for you… have you seen the new, highly customizable layout now offered right here in WP? – It’s the one I’m currently using though I’m still working on a custom background).

Touching back on Sandy’s blog for a moment… the passages I’ve read from Strangling My Muse have inspired me to write – not perfect. (Which is something I found to be a huge hinderance to me – even in constructing THIS post). I love the challenges she presents and have tried them out on more than one occasion – sometimes even more than once just to observe the different results. What a great resource for writers in general. Thank you, Sandy!

Another recent, interesting inspiration came from sssourabh. I found him on Freshly Pressed one day when he posted an interesting spin on a ‘Top 10’ list… yeah, you know the kind! Having recently read Debra’s post related to commenting, I felt particularly inclined to leave my mark. A wonderful thing happened – sssourabh, in return, not only responded to my comment but visited MY blog and made comments of his own. Wow, I thought, THIS must be what Debra was talking about! One of sssourabh’s comments was an encouragement to include more photos within my blogs. That comment had me grabbing up my somewhat dusty Nikon case and toting that thing with me EVERYWHERE. (Also, my phone camera has been getting a huge workout) If I was going to include photos in my blog, I wanted them to be my own. (note: I genuinely WANT to learn more about photography, but for some reason have been resistant to reading many books on the subject – I think I’d rather learn by doing with a mentor).

Incidentally, I’ve had an odd inspiration this week for a weirdly interesting photo study (if that’s what they are called)… I’m just not certain how to go about it as it would require a number of volunteers  – with facial hair… Any suggestions are very, very welcome.

While reading his recent post about chocolate, sssourabh encouraged me (likely without knowing) to put more thought into what I write. I read and re-read and re-read again his delicious descriptions – I love (and live very near) Philadelphia and had to applaud him for making me think of ‘my’ city in a whole new light… and the chocolate… his words had me tasting the chocolate and feeling it’s textures without taking one bite! Thank you, sssourabh, for some fantastically descriptive words and for inspiring me to pick up my camera again and shoot the world.

Thank you ALL for helping me to evolve as a writer and artist… your contributions, comments, feedback and just coming to read – whether you know it or not – have been very important and meaningful to me.

Thanks for visiting my kitchen today – and to think this post was supposed to be about the potatoes I made for dinner last night…

All photos are © of their creators. Links to the source are included.


Comments on: "Inspiration and Evolution: my blogging journey" (6)

  1. Oh wow, thanks for the gracious comments and compliments!

    I am touched that I was able to inspire you, and I’m glad you took the suggestion to heart and gave the camera and camera-phone a workout! The blog looks great, and the pictures definitely compliment your writing. I agree, I generally like pictures on the blog to be my own, although its amazing how many fitting pictures I see from other photographers, in which case I ask I can use them. But hey, it ups my benchmark for photography too, as I’d rather use my own!

    I’m glad you read the chocolate post repeatedly, I think being so passionate about chocolate makes me want to share my zeal for it, and I’m glad the infectious nature of chocolate was able to lure you into perhaps visiting the cafe, since you live close to Philadelphia! Its truly the best compliment ever when a fellow blogger and reader appreciates your post and writing so much that they cite it in their works, and that it evokes inspiration. This made my day!

    I’m actually going to add your blog to my links page, if you don’t mind, since as I had mentioned to you in our first comment-conversation, your opening liner resonates with foodies worldwide! (http://sssourabh.wordpress.com/link-up/). Looking forward to staying connected!

    • You’re quite welcome =) I’m filtering through pictures to post on tomorrow’s ‘Scrap Book’ day and I am having trouble choosing! One of these days I’d LOVE to go downtown for a people watch. I find people to be the most interesting subjects in photography, particularly when they are unaware.

      I will get to posting about those potatoes! (To keep up with the theme of food) I love experimenting with food to see what yummy things I can come up with – so more to come!

      Also, I appreciate the love on the links page. I’ve added you to mine as well!

  2. Thanks Evie, if writing takes you places you never expected to go, this is one of them for me!

    I do feel strongly about interacting with other bloggers and with your readers, and I’ve met some fascinating people through these connections.

    Yes, I did find a WordPress customizable theme that worked out pretty well!

    • I’m glad you found a theme to work with. I was feeling badly about not getting the work done for you as I had originally intended. I just visited your live site (as opposed to my reader) and it looks fab!

  3. Awwww – I loff you too! Also, I totally approve of those lolaphants – zomg, so huggy!

    Mutual admiration, meow meow ♥

  4. Thanks so much for your kind and generous comments about my blog, Evie! I’m so happy some of the things I’ve written have inspired you. And as for being imperfect — it’s an ongoing battle to tame crippling perfectionist tendencies. I’m still working on it, too. Best of luck to you with your writing and all your creative endeavors!

    ~Sandy Ackers

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