"No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best" -something I saw on my mom's kitchen wall as a kid, author unknown

Adopting Dragons

So, I owe you all apologies! As you can see, the maintenance is still underway. However – it’s for good cause!

Friday evening, Michael and I went out with friends and family and had those grape bomb things, remember? They also come in cherry, fyi. I will say this… if you don’t like either grape flavored Dimetapp or cherry flavored Robitussin – I don’t recommend trying these. (I, for the record, don’t like either.) Suffices to say that my drink of choice for the remainder of the evening was NOT anything related to any flavored-bombs. I swapped between Corona and water. Sadly, whether it was a virus or perhaps the mixing of alcohol, Michael became very ill and we headed for home… unfortunately stopping several times along the way. I felt horrible for him. It certainly wasn’t the volume of alcohol, because to be truthful, he didn’t drink all that much. After tucking him into bed, I began to wonder if we’d be hitting the faire at all on Saturday with him feeling like he did.

Saturday morning came and Michael was groggy and ‘meh’ – so I let him sleep. I went to check on him late in the morning and he said he was feeling better and ready to head to the faire! I was excited! We headed out, me in full faire garb and Michael in his jeans and /spit t-shirt. Upon arrival, our first priority was to get that man dressed! And so we did…

(Forgive the poor quality of the picture – it was taken in horrid lighting and with my phone)

He’s adorable, I think. All he needs is a good pair of boots so that he doesn’t feel like Aladdin anymore. (Also missing in this shot is his belt and pouch.) We arrived late to the faire and spent a good deal of time getting him all set and finding proper accessories – such as a pouch to hold our magic pixie toys (i.e. cell phones) and I.D., money etc. Once we had finished and put all of his clothes in the car, we wandered about looking for a good place to eat and then settled into ‘our’ seats at the pub. (I say ‘our’ seats because it seems to be the same place we sit every time we visit.) As last call approached, we decided to find a place nearby and crash for the night so that we could come back in the morning and maybe see some shows (for a change).

The highlight of my Sunday trip to the faire, was the visit to the Dragon Hatchery. Oh, they were so very adorable! These darlings have very expressive faces and jeweled eyes. There were so many and in a rainbow of colors. I had my eye on a black and red. These adorable pets also love to sit comfortably on your shoulder and take in the sights while making the most darling little noises in your ear. I wish I had been able to snap a picture, but alas, I didn’t take my camera along.

I wanted so badly to adopt one of my very own. Unfortunately, dragons come at a pretty penny and I wasn’t able to. However, I have confirmed that the good folks from the hatchery also set up shop at the faire in Colorado – so all is not lost! I’m very much looking forward to giving a home to an orphan dragon next season – and hoping that Mark’s cat doesn’t much mind.

The busy weekend ended nicely with spending some time with my friends slaying some Seriously Angry internet dragons and introducing a new friend to the Lich King. (Also, Evie is now officially a King Slayer – F.T.W.)

I’m really promising to get faire pictures up – this weekend coming, Phoebs and I are going back… her outfit nearly complete! So, perhaps pictures at the house before heading out. Also… that Snickerdoodle recipe? ARGH, if I don’t keep forgetting it at home. It’s sitting out on my kitchen counter and I walk by it nearly 20 times each evening. Maybe tonight I will manage to remember to place it in my bag… or my car even.

Thanks for coming out today! ❤


Comments on: "Adopting Dragons" (3)

  1. Freaking. Adorable. Picture.

    That is all =D

  2. Very cute pic of Michael. Now where’s one of you?!

    • I actually need to get one! I’m hoping this weekend to get one of me and Phoebs (since her outfit will finally be complete) So, I’ll be sure to put it up. =)

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