"No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best" -something I saw on my mom's kitchen wall as a kid, author unknown

Failing at posting!

Hi everyone! I’m so sorry that I have been failing at posting! Things at work and AIM have distracted me… Also, I have been holding out on posting this week because I was hoping to share some photos from the Ren Faire. However, I haven’t received them yet. Since it is the Ren Faire, I prefer to NOT carry a camera, but Michael’s sister brought one along and took many adorable pictures of the children and some of the events.

Speaking of the Ren Faire… there are only two weekends left in the season for the PA Ren Faire, and Michael and I plan to attend both Saturdays. This Saturday we are going SANS CHILDREN and I’m hoping to visit several of the shows we passed on when the children were with us (due to content). I love the faire… have I mentioned that?

It’s always so much fun to dress up and immerse yourself in a role, forgetting about all that is ‘real life’ even if just for a day. For that day, it is normal to carry a sword on your belt, wear noise-making coin scarves on your hip, eat giant turkey legs without silverware, you are ‘m’lady’ to nearly everyone who addresses you and ‘good day’ is the typical greeting. For that day, chivalry is not dead, seeing armored knights is normal and clearing the street to make way for the queen’s court and hollering out ‘long live the queen’ is expected as she passes. For that day, speaking to strangers is possible as you can remain anonymous despite being ‘in person’, and improvisation is possible and expected. For that day, we get to be like children again – pretending so completely, that we see the world around us in a different view and just for that day we have truly traveled through time.

More to come! Thanks for bearing with my lack of messages, and for coming back to visit my kitchen.

Coming Soon: SNICKERDOODLE Recipe!

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