"No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best" -something I saw on my mom's kitchen wall as a kid, author unknown

Sand Between My Toes

My first observation is that I totally neglected to name my muffin post on Friday. Woops.

So many things … and I’m bubbling SO much with excitement, I’m not sure where to start! I guess to keep me from forgetting to share, I’ll start with Friday…
Friday night was so much fun. I spent the majority of it with my husband working out the fine details of our budget. After which,I spent the next hour or so killing internet dragons with my friends and being chatty in vent – and Michael joined us! (for the vent portion, no so much on the killing of internet dragons – yet … muwhahaha) We ended up finally going to bed around 3:30 Saturday morning. /facepalm

Saturday started with a worry – our little person woke early with a disturbing cough. Michael was kind and let me sleep-in and got up to take care of her. Several hours later I was woken gently with breakfast in bed. (NOT the kind of breakfast in bed that Sammy told everyone about on vent Friday evening… just to clarify) When I joined the ranks of the living and saw my little one, she was sounding and acting much better to my delight. Michael took her to his sister’s house for the day to go to the pumpkin patch and to spend the evening in order to allow us to get away overnight for my birthday.

 Well, I’m officially another year older and have had compliments ranging from 21 to 26 (thx guys ).

Michael took me to the ocean on Saturday evening/ Sunday morning. It was lovely. I love the ocean, you know – particularly AFTER tourist season. I love the calming sound of the waves breaking on the beach and the feeling of the cool, soft sand between my toes. It’s so serene. We went shell hunting on Sunday morning and I almost lost my shoes as the ocean stretched her fingers out and tried to grab them up quick. Fortunately I was faster. Michael and I laughed and I went barefoot back to the car.

In other news…

We’re moving! I know I’ve mentioned the goal of relocating to Colorado… and now, with the stars aligning properly and all, that is coming to pass. I am very excited. It would seem that in a bit less than a year, my dear friend Mark will be having a mass exodus of housemates. That leaves his 3 bedroom house quite empty, and a bit overpriced for his wallet alone. So, he invited my family to be housemates with him while we acclimate to Colorado! This solves so many problems all at once and gets us relocated sooner than expected – by about a year. Michael is also very excited about the proposition. Now comes the organizing and logistics… I’m excited about coordinating all of that, as that is my niche, I believe – maybe.

This week is proving to be very busy, so I may have posts about favorite recipes to share, and even my sewing adventures, perhaps. Saturday coming, Michael and I are taking our little people to the Renaissance Faire and have invited all of our friends to go as well. I have my outfit all ready, but need to get Phoeb’s in ‘working-order’ for the outing. I’m not so much concerned about the skirt and top as I am about the bodice. I think that once the top is cut out, it’s just a matter of the stitching – and that shouldn’t take much time. Once it’s done, I’ll have pictures! Maybe even of Phoebs IN the outfit to see how it turned out. =) Wish me luck!

❤ Hope you all had a lovely weekend, and a happy Monday! Thanks for coming by this morning for coffee.

Edit: My tags aren’t saving and it’s frustrating, so I’m not going to bother with it anymore today.


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  1. So much happening for you – I’m stoked for you!

    Please post up pix of your sewing – I can’t wait to see ♥

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