"No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best" -something I saw on my mom's kitchen wall as a kid, author unknown

Today I opted for the creme-filled, coffee cake muffin to go along with my coffee. Great choice. Not for the creme-filling though… and not for most of the muffin even. The glorious, glorious glory of the muffin top – particularly of the coffee cake variety. H.E.A.V.E.N. (especially when you have not been able to smell or taste things in about a week)

What is it about the muffin top? I can’ t be alone on thinking it’s the absolute best part of the muffin, and best savored saved for last. Is it the crunchy goodness of the hard outter shell that gives way to the soft muffiny goodness beneath? Or, is it the goodies on the top, such as brown sugar, glaze, or nuts. Perhaps it’s the mere notion of doing something backward – you know, tear the top off the muffin and set it to the side… and then watch it while you consume the fluffy, soft muffin bottom. Bottoms up? Even now, there is a portion of my muffin top left – sitting just next to me. Look, I’ll even include a picture:

What’s your favorite part of a muffin? And why is it so – does it depend on the flavor or type of the muffin?

(By the way, it took a little doing to get that pic from my cell phone to my blog and I ate that thing in the interrim!) I think I may venture to make some pumpkin muffins with a brown sugar-crumby toping. I haven’t begun to look for a recipe yet… maybe I’ll make my own. You know, start with a basic coffee-cake recipe and spice it up. I’ll let you know what happens. Also, I still have to make those pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I’d say “maybe this weekend”, but this weekend is my birthday – Saturday, acutally – so I may not get around to it. There are no plans as of yet, but I guess I’m still hopeful that Michael has something up his sleeve.

Thanks for coming by today – coffee AND cake has been lovely! Cheers ❤


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    O! I baked the pumpkin cookies! And they came out good! Like, people can eat them! This, as Will pointed out, is a first – my cookie endeavours usually end in failure and a bag of Oreos, so I’m kind of excited about it =D

    I was expecting them to flatten out in the pan, but Jaquelyn let me know that only cookies made with butter do that – these are made with oil, so they puffed up, meow meow. She gave me instructions to make them with butter, but it involved pointers on how to cream butter with sugar, and that my yet be a bit too much for me. But! They taste really really good, meow meow/. Thank you for the recipe ♥

  2. ❤ many thanks, lovely lady! I'm looking foward to a weekend of 'what are we doing this weekend? Can we find a sitter on short notice? LET'S GO TO THE REN FAIRE!!!1!!1' Or maybe we'll end up dancing in the city. I don't know what, but even if Michael has nothing planned, I'm dragging him SOMEWHERE with me to celebrate. =)

    (Also? Jules and I are going out NEXT weekend to celebrate – whut?! You were TOTALLY right on that re-forging of friendships thing – thx!) ❤

    Oh and great job on the cookies! I'm glad they turned out so well. I will be sure to pick up the mats to make them this week! Maybe even when my small person comes home from her dad's next Friday. That will be a fun 'together' project to work on.

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