"No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best" -something I saw on my mom's kitchen wall as a kid, author unknown

Themes…or Lackthereof

So, I’m back again. =)

I’ve popped in to make an observation of sorts and see if there is any feed back on the topic. Some of you may know that I blog on two other WordPress blogs, both of which use the WordPress software, but have domains of their own. That is to say, they are not blogname.wordpress.com, rather just blogname.com. Also, as you may have noticed, I decided to change my theme today – and that is what this is all about.


On one of the other blogs I am an admin for, we are in the midst of changes. Such as migrating the blog to a new host and creating a new, custom theme. In the interim, we decided to use a ‘stock’ theme provided by the wonderful users of WordPress that are available through the appearance menu via the Theme link. There were SO many to choose from! I had good fun searching through them all and being able to find themes based on color, or features – even on light vs. dark.  This, in turn, inspired me to do some theme shopping for my kitchen. Kind of like changing the curtains, right? When I opened the theme list here, I was very disappointed to find a limited number of themes available – and all the same old ones that have been here for what seems like forever. Also, no nifty search feature. (Why would you need to search through only 97 themes, amirite?)

Where is the variety, people? Is there a reason we can’t have access to the lovely, creative themes that folks all over WordPress are making available for shared use? Or why can’t I even create my own, custom theme? I understand that WordPress.com is a free service but so is the wordpress software that you use on non-WordPress domains. Just looking for a little clarification. Seriously. Does anyone know the answer?

I was hoping for a layout with a bright, cheery background and perhaps some lovely purple accents around the actual blog body, but alas. What you see was the only thing that caught my eye.

Back to bed with me…

edit: I decided I didn’t really like the theme I picked – so… it may change a few times, or even revert back to the original.


Comments on: "Themes…or Lackthereof" (5)

  1. This just in:

    “WordPress.com is a hosted blog service. You do not have to download software, pay for hosting or manage a web server. WordPress.com does not permit uploading themes or plugins. WordPress.org is free software. You can install themes and plugins, run ads, and edit the database. Check out our article on the differences.”


    • Ohhhhh… So…. Does that means that you can do what you want, or that you have to adhere to what they have? You’re way more knowledgeable in all that web code stuff than I am – what’s the scoop?

      BTW, I like the pretty stencil details at the top of the page there =)

  2. Thanks, Apple 🙂 I certainly can not take credit for this lovely layout. It was a gem among the 97 themes I had to choose from. (I guess I really can be picky). With the WordPress.com blogs, you have to adhere to what they have.

    Conversely, with my other blogs, which are using the WordPress software offered on WordPress.ORG (see not .com?), I am given free reign. This, I am assuming is because *I* am responsible for site security, management etc. and it does not fall back on them. (‘Them’ being the folks that bring us free blogging on WordPress.com)

    Is your head spinning yet? ❤

    • Is your head spinning yet? ❤

      ahhhh – yes.

      so, here you pick themes. there (the.org) you build yer own. i think i get it =)

      • Just a tiny clarification… yes, here you pick themes (there are about 97 to choose from atm). There (the.org) you can also pick themes (there are thousands to choose from), OR create your own and use it.

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