"No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best" -something I saw on my mom's kitchen wall as a kid, author unknown


Happy Monday!! Just… you may want to keep your distance today – and I promise, I bathed in Purell and donned sanitary hand cover things before making your coffee today… I’m sick. I think that this is largely due to activities of Saturday night. (Apple will surely fall over when she hears this.)

So, Brice (Michael’s bff) turns the big three-oh this month, specifically on the 18th, and a bunch of people got together to throw him a surprise party. It was a house party that took place at his sisters. We, of course, went. As you may remember, Brice works with Michael so many of the folks he works with were there as were many of his friends from school. I was in a unique position as the ‘friends from school’ outweighed the ‘friends from work’ and they didn’t know one another. This was the first time that I felt like I knew (mostly)everyone, but everyone didn’t know each other! It was a funny feeling… almost like an empowerment of sorts.

Jules was there. I hugged her. WUT?! Not only did I hug her, but she didn’t know anyone there except for Brice, Michael and his sisters so I hung out with her all night so that she would feel comfortable. I’m not going to lie, I definitely over-indulged in Teh Alcohol™ and I’m mildly certain that she now knows both my favorite position in bed and that I’ve kissed a girl (and would love to do it again, but won’t out of respect for Michael.) Next Saturday is my birthday, and Jules made plans with a few other girls that I am friends with there to take me out this weekend coming. They said something about Grape Bombs. I’m kind of nervous. Not for the going out part – but the Grape Bombs? Do they get explodie and taste like grape? I don’t know! (Secretly, I’m excited.)

The party was really good fun. I even played beer pong for the very first time – and made ONE ball into a cup. Jules was my partner – we lost miserably and loved it. There were all kinds of innuendos flying around … you know, throwing balls into cups and all. We laughed and laughed – a lot. It was so good.

In other news…

I am, apparently, a steak – or I guess it’s now ‘well seasoned’, as my friend Sammy puts it. I told him that I was getting old, and he blurts out, “You’re like a STEAK!”

I was like, uhhh… come again?

After a little studdering and back peddling, he finally came out with, you know how steaks are better with age? I replied with, lovely… not even like, WINE or something… a freaking steak. He came back with, “You’re well seasoned.” and that was that. Now it’s a running joke – everyone is a steak. I also aquired the nick name of Narni over the weekend thanks to Mark’s awesome typo’s. Sammy even named a Vent room after me… The Land of Narni. I’m honored.

In case I haven’t expressed my excitement as well as I would like to, I am WAY EXCITED to move to CO… I can NOT wait. Moving day just can’t get here soon enough.

Thanks for coffee this morning – I promise it wasn’t contaminated (I even wore a mask, srsly!).


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  1. Oh, honey! I hope you’re on the mend quickly – sick sucks. On a brighter note, it totally sounds like you had a great time getting sick! may your day pass gently, and with lots and lots of warm, honeyed tea ♥

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